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Writing a CV? 10 Words Never To Include On Your Curriculum Vitae


If any of the words listed below appear on your curriculum vitae, consider expunging or rephrasing them. Your curriculum vitae says everything about you and determines your chances of meeting with an employer who doesn’t know you in person. Do your best to give it an appeal that can grab the attention of the recruiter long enough to give you a chance.


There is no reason whatsoever for this word should appear on your CV. The recruiter can infer your employment status from your employment history.

2.Hardworking or Hard worker

Unnecessary. Expunge it


Pay attention to your spelling. Misspelled words like this should never appear on your CV

4.Microsoft Office

Listing Microsoft Word proficiency as skill is like listing being able to read and write as a skill. Microsoft office is not a skill. Consider including other professional short courses that you have completed online or go online and take free courses in skills and software that are relevant to your profession.

5. Reference available upon request

The recruiter will ask for a reference without you telling them.

6. Can’t or Won’t

Avoid negative words. Rather emphasize what you can do or will do

7. Unnecessary personal Information

Personal information such as date of birth, family status, personal interest etc. should be avoided on a CV. These information do not determine your qualification for the job.

8. Hobbies

Including your hobbies is distracting and time wasting for the recruiter. Your hobbies do not pertain to your qualification for the job.

9. Result-Oriented

“While many other words are misused or diluted by overuse, these are the weakest and most abused,” says master executive resume writer Barrett-Poindexter.

10. I know SQL, HTML…

You don’t have to know all the skills required for a job to land it. You will be questioned based on the skills you claim to know and your level of proficiency in them. Avoid dishonesty.

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