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How Do Females Cope With Male Gynaecologists? Comment Please

Folks each time I think of this, I find myself in a quandary over what usually transpires in their minds when the Male Gynaecologists work on their clients #( female ) .

Surprisingly it seems there are more male Gynaecologists than females, I stand to be corrected though. But what baffles me mostly is how the female folks open up their bossoms to their male Gynaecologists either for tests or whatnot… and they seem to be cool with it? how about their husbands, considering the married ones. Are they also cool with that male Gynaecologists viewing their wives bossom and other parts and carrying out tests on them as they wish? Ughh angry

Is the male Gynaecologist’s body anatomy different from other males or specially wired and hence not vulnerable to some erotic thoughts ?

Sometimes I keep wondering how much of hidden facts those male Gynaecologists have seen and handled, hmm. Boy o boy! shocked shocked . No matter how professional they are, I believe they are still human. Or I’m I missing something.

I have a hard time believing when a straight male gynecologist does a breast exam on a woman with goose-bumped perky 36C’s while her neatly waxed vagina is hoisted up in stirrups his brain only registers sexless flesh.I just don’t trust that a man who probes women’s vaginas for a living isn’t secretly snickering or judging or enjoying.

I’m not convinced all straight male gynecologists see their patients as clinical sexless flesh. I think it’s biologically impossible for the visually-aroused male gene to automatically shut down around an Unclad body

Women in the house pls can u share ur experience with us here. What is it like or what was it like?
How do u handle this? What does your husband perceive of this if married.

I keep imagining how a complete outsider will be viewing their hidden facts without any chemistry in the minds.

Hmm… Pls females share your experience…
Men what is ur view on this as well. Are u cool with ur wives getting the services of a male Gynaecologist or ur Bae as it were


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