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10 College Degrees (And Jobs) That Pay Men More Than Women

The pay gap between men and women has existed since the inception of careers itself. Women were introduced into the workplace only after World War II, and were originally just meant to stay temporarily. Defying the traditional and evolutionary goals of men and women has been extremely challenging. It can be difficult to be a mother, wife, and exemplary employee, and the pay scale shows that. Employers have traditionally paid women significantly less than men.

There are differences in which specific career pays out more to men or women, but do you know the specifics?

10) Airplane Pilot

Who knew the sky was meant for men? Apparently, women are paid significantly less when controlling a plane than when men are. This is particularly interesting because a pilot usually is a fairly private job, where most of the passengers are unaware of the gender of the driver. Further, I doubt gender has anything do with such a technical skill.

9) Optician

Apparently, framing glasses is more appreciated by a man. An optician is a career in optometry, usually working alongside a Doctor of Optometry to work with patients who need corrective eyewear. An optician works to create and frame your face for your required corrections needs. And according to pay metrics, a man is more worthy of this job.

8) Doctor: General Practitioner

Remember old movies, where doctors made house visits? And of course, those doctors were always male. Physicians are paid more when they are male, and the field of medicine itself is bombarded by the male gender. Perhaps the reason why the field is dominated by men is because of the time commitment required to become a doctor, which is generally around 10 years post college.

7) Computer Aided Design (CAD) Designer

A fairly new career, a CAD Designer is a field which pays more to men. This career is built to work engineers and architects using software design. The role typically requires only an Associate’s Degree, but needs constant training and updating due to the technological aspect of the role. Time will only tell why men are paid more for this role.

6) Pharmacy

Who knew, male pharmacists are paid more than women pharmacists. The medical field is showing major pay gaps. There is no logic behind this reasoning, because the skills are fairly technical and there is little that differentiates a good and bad pharmacist. A pharmacist usually works at a local pharmacy in a  drugstore or opens up their own shop.

5) Psychologist

I guess this means men give better advice? A job and major that is generally assigned to the female gender, men are paid more as psychologists than women. Perhaps because we are so often told men are the logical sex, we are more drawn and expected to pay a man for this profession. It doesn’t necessarily make sense, but there is a large pay gap between men and women psychologists.

4) Corporate Executives

This career to me was the most obvious. Men are the majority of CEOs, VPs, CFOs, and any other big title. The term glass ceiling originates from corporate environments. Perhaps it is my from my own corporate experience, but a woman is far more likely to be overlooked for management positions in corporations than men. Women can be seen as a sinking cost, merely a time bomb for time costly childbearing.

3) Dentists

The number three spot goes again to the medical field. Dentistry pays men more than women, but it is a fairly standard job. A cavity is a cavity, and it strange than a man is paid more to fill a cavity than a woman. The disparity between payscales for standard jobs has been a theme throughout this list.

2) Chef

Who even sees the chef? But, having the right equipment will pay you more, in every sense of the way. The restaurant business is famous for being a giant boys club. TV shows, movies, and other forms of media entertainment mainly portray famous chefs as men, and perhaps this has to do with the large gap in pay between a male and female chef.

1) Computer Programmer

The number one job which pays the biggest difference between a man and a woman is computer programmer. The STEM field is heavily dominated by male employees, as most software and engineering jobs are held by men. The world is slowly responding to this large disparity, as nonprofits, organizations, and schools are pushing for more women in the fields of science, math, engineering, and technology.

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