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Volunteer Peace Advocate Project (V-PAD) PEACE TALKSHOP 24 June 2017

Association for a Better Society (ASBESOC) Nigeria

Volunteer Peace Advocate Project (V-PAD)



The theme for 2017 2nd quart Peace Talkshop: Peaceful Co-existence and its challenges, which way forward in Nigeria?

Concept Note


We believe that peace is paramount in all human endeavours and there is no amount of money that will be too much to invest to ensure peaceful environment in the society. Without peace nothing can progress and there will be high mortality rate. V-PAD has in her programmes to organise a peace Talkshop quarterly to provide opportunity for those that are vulnerable to come and seek for help to addressing their issues and even those that have been marginalized, so that they can enjoy their human rights and peaceful environment.

In this quarter we are looking at the present situation of Nigeria and how we can contribute to making her an indivisible nation, but ensure every region enjoys her full rights as members/citizens of the nation and not being marginalized, which often results to agitations and violence.  Our view is that the regions should come in a round table to discuss these problems and proffer solutions to the present condition.

PEACE TALKSHOP is an event that will provide a forum for brainstorming over the present situation in Nigeria, where people (peace lovers, peace makers, peace advocates and stakeholders) will come together to brainstorm over the present situation of the country and suggest the best mitigation measures to be taken to avoid violence or damages in Nigeria. This event is open to everybody that loves peace and can contribute, no matter how little to ensure a peaceful co-existence of the Nigeria citizens.

Overall objective

To contribute in the sustenance of the Nigeria nation and ensure that every region and citizens enjoys their rights and co-peacefully leave as brother and sisters.


  1. Nigeria has civil because of one part of the region trying to have freedom and many leaves was lost
  2. There had been series of killings and violence in different part of the Nigeria regions which most times gears towards protection of region or religion
  3. Citizens are agitating for marginalization and gaining freedom from Nigeria


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