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Happy senior woman hugging her beautiful grandchild - indoor setting

#HappyMother’sDay2017: 12 reasons why motherhood is the best job in the world Read more:

Mother's Day 2017: 12 reasons why motherhood is the best job in the world
(Picture: Getty)

March 26 can only mean one thing this year – happy Mother’s Day! 

What did you imagine being a mum would be like?

I’m pretty sure that I had some unrealistic expectations about peaceful craft sessions and children skipping off happily to play and sleep.

Oh yes, I definitely had unrealistic expectations about sleep.

The reality of being a mum is probably messier, more exhausting and completely different from how you imagined.

I’ve survived on less sleep for the last seven years than I would have thought possible, and I spend a lot more time getting muddy than I do creating pretty pictures with my kids.

And let’s not even talk about tantrums.

Nonetheless, being a mum has been – and continues to be – the most wonderful experience of my life.

Here are 12 reasons why being a mum is the best job in the world.

1. Cuddles

Whether they need comforting, they’re sleepy or just fancied a hug, it’s pretty awesome to always be at the top of someone’s ‘people I’d like to cuddle’ list.

Happy senior woman hugging her beautiful grandchild - indoor setting
(Picture: Getty)

2. Meeting your newborn

Honestly, nothing beats it.

Holding your tiny baby in your arms after nine months of (at best) discomfort, aka pregnancy, not to mention childbirth, is incredible.

MORE: 6 mummy friends you’ll have as a mum – which one are you?

3. Cake

You can eat cake every day during pregnancy, safe in the knowledge that you can worry about it at some distant point in the future.

And if you breastfeed, you can keep it up even longer.

A pregnant women eat a cake while a dog is looking for a piece of it.
No, it’s all for mummy (Picture: Getty)

4. Sharing your passion

Baking, football, painting, nature, books – whatever you love, teaching your kids about it is brilliant.

5. Pride

The first time they read a book to you, their first steps, the nursery nativity or going off to uni – whatever stage you’re at, you’ll always be their number one fan.

6. Constant challenges

There’s nothing boring about parenting.

You learn so much about yourself – how to interact with other people, how to control your temper and, yes, how to persuade people to do things they don’t want to do.

Illustrative image of professional woman feeding her baby while using laptop
It never stops (Picture: Getty)

7. Maternity leave

A year off of work with the world’s smallest boss? Yes please.

Even if the boss turns out to be a tyrant and you’re too broke to go out for coffee.

8. Behaving like a kid

I’m sure this will stop one day (when they’re too embarrassed to be seen in public with me) but my kids love it when I dance with them or help them collect sticks or count ants.

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